Difot Australia is a Melbourne based consulting firm delivering business process improvement and project management services across Australia and New Zealand.

We bring along an extensive Lean and continuous improvement experience from a broad range of industries, including Food, FMCG, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, Network Infrastructure, and Rail. Our consultants are experienced in working with cross-functional teams to streamline business processes and reducing waste throughout the value stream.

We engage with all levels of the organization to ensure strategic alignment throughout the value stream and enable teams by providing the required know-how to achieve operational excellence. We develop and implement practical & structured management systems to empower teams for effective governance and proactive management of the risks to the business objectives.

Our Vision

Be a trusted partner in providing expert solutions to our clients, supporting them to achieve strategic alignment, operational excellence, and effective governance within their enterprise.

Our Mission

Enable our clients and their teams with required knowledge and tools to achieve operational excellence and be competitive within their markets.

Our Approach

While we take a holistic approach to the business process improvement following the traditional 3P model i.e., People, Process, and Product, we firmly believe that people are the key asset of any business. The success or failure of a transformation program is dependent on how Engaged, Enabled, and Empowered the employees are, hence by focusing and working with teams, we positively impact the organization’s culture and deliver sustainable business improvements.


The engagement level of teams plays a pivotal role in the success of any business transformation and sustaining changes. Focused and engaged teams can create a winning culture and provide a competitive edge in the market.


It is imperative to provide the right framework, knowledge, and tools to enable teams to achieve desired business objectives. Equipped with the required know-how and supported through robust processes, teams will be confident in navigating through the transformation journey.


Empowerment is a mutual agreement of trust, the delegation of authority, ownership and acceptance of accountability and making / supporting decisions without any repercussions. Empowered teams feel trusted and valued, hence, a conscious effort is required to develop thought leadership and implement a right governance framework. This will support clear communication and encourage constructive feedback between the teams, while keeping all focused on the strategic goals.

Our approach to delivery is firmly based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle providing a structured and systematic process to deliver business improvement activities and drive continuous improvement actions. We work with leadership team to understand the business objectives and clearly define and deploy a business improvement road map to achieve those objectives using the following steps: 

  1. Develop an overall Business Improvement Road Map to achieve agreed objectives with leadership and cross-functional stakeholders. With major milestones defined, we engage functional managers and teams to further develop Detailed Activities Schedule with clear timelines and responsibilities for each activity and capture associated risks that need to be managed.
  2. Support and coach cross-functional teams in activities delivery using appropriate lean and project management tools
  3. Measure delivery against key measures through a structured Visual Management System. A tiered Visual Management System enables communication flow between teams and is an effective method to mitigate any risks to business objectives with timely escalation and resolution to the risks or concerns
  4. Develop a continuous improvement mindset by working with the teams to identify waste in current processes and support process improvement activities using a structured approach. The achievements and lessons learned are captured in a simple visual format for communication and coaching

We implement simple but effective tools to track ROI and savings, enabling the business to visualize the impact on the bottom line. 


Ash Saini

B.E (Mech), Grad Dip (Robotics and Automation), LSSBB, MIEAust, QMS Auditor

Ash is an experienced business process improvement and project management professional with a comprehensive knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and Project Management methodologies, which is underpinned by more than 15 years of extensive exposure to a variety of industries including FMCG, automotive, healthcare, construction, network infrastructure, and rail.

Ash’s ability to quickly comprehend business requirements and current situation coupled with his broad experience enable him to effectively engage, lead, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure business objectives are communicated, understood, and the efforts are aligned to achieve the required outcomes.

Ash has supported the recovery and performance improvement on several major projects as an external consultant over the last 7 years. His structured approach to deploying lean and project management methodologies has been a cornerstone in quick turn-around and enabling teams to successfully achieve sustainable results.